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  • DeepCalc.Tree
  • AI-based accurate timber quanitiy determination
  • automatic determination of number of tree logs
  • calculation of (solid) cubic meters of your timber
  • Server-client architecture
  • Maintenance of library
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  • Application of pre-analytics in medical laboratory diagnostics
  • Divide serum specimens in haemolytic (H), icteric (I) and lipemic (L)
  • AI-based HIL - Indices estimation
  • automatic determination of turbidity level of serum specisms
  • Cloud-based solution
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  • Quality management
  • Process optimzisation
  • Enhancement of level of automation
  • AI-based monitoring by imaging techniques
  • Fast data preparation, processing and storage
  • Maintanance of your application
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About us

We, a Leipzig-based start-up deepmentation with experience in software development in methods in the artificial intelligence domain was founded in 2019. With the help of deep learning techniques we are able to bring the digitalisation to your processes. With strong expertise in computer vision and database development our company is able to automatically measure and count objects.

Our mission is to increase the level of automation in your business processes. In the computer vision environment we are able to process your (image) data with neural networks and derive metrics that are relevant for your process chains.

Roman Seidel

Chief executive officer - Founder
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